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Exhaustive Horoscope with varshphal

In this Model we offer you a Complete study of your planets.
With Annual horoscope (varshphal)

  • Complete Colored birth chart astrology.
  • Clolerd divisional charts in horoscope.
  • Annual horoscope (varshphal)
  • Yogini Dasha, Vimsotttri dasha.
  • Colored D1,D2,D3,D4,D9,D7,D10 etc
  • Colored Planetary Degrees/Positions

Foresight's CC3V1" is complete Colored online Janam kundli With varshphal" Model

Foresight's CC3V1 models offers a complete studies of your planets and prepared 20 Pages report which includes 16 Color Charts as per vedic astrology by date of birth, it is highly recommended by India's top astrologers for prefect and most accurate kundli prediction or janam kundali bhavishya .Foresight CC3 online horoscope model have all Colored divisional charts like D-1,D-2,D-3, D-4,D-5,D-6,D-7,D-8,D-9,D-10 which is helpful in detailed analysis.We have specially design Foresight's CC3 model for the native's / astrologer , having trust on vedic astrology and want to calculate prefect predictions of their future

In Indian Vedic Astrology, annual horoscope (varshphal) is constructed for a year when the Sun returns to same sign and degree as that of its natal position in that year. The Archival predicts how the individual's year is going to be.
  1. Foresight's CC1 Basic Color Horoscope Model.
  2. Foresight's CC2 Detailed Color Horoscope Model.
  3. Sun Chart.
    • Helpful in prediction of your Soul Power.
  4. Hora Chart
    • It is the chart of native's wealth.
  5. Dreshkana
    • It the chart of Brother's Sister's relations , their Fortune and wealth.
  6. Chaturthamsa
    • It is also know as the chart of your Fortune or Bhagy chart .
  7. Saptamsa ,
    • It is know as the chart of your children .
  8. Dasamamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of your Livelihood.
  9. Dwadasamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of your Parents.
  10. Shodasamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of your Convayences).
  11. Vimsamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of Scientific and Spiritual Achievments.
  12. Chaturvimsamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of your Academic Attainments.
  13. Nakshatramsa
    • This chart used for prediction of Physical Vigour.
  14. Thrimsamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of Miseries.
  15. Khavedamsa,akshavedamsa,shashtiamsa
    • This chart used for prediction of General Happiness.
  16. Planetary Relations, Shad-bal, Bhava-bal , Permanent Relationship.
  17. Ashtakavarga Table.
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    • CC3V1
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