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Exhaustive Horoscope with
Your Lucky Gem Stone

In this Model we offer you a Complete study of your planets.
WithYour Lucky Gem Stone

  • Complete Colored birth chart astrology.
  • Clolerd divisional charts in horoscope.
  • Yogini Dasha, Vimsotttri dasha.
  • Colored D1,D2,D3,D4,D9,D7,D10 etc
  • Colored Planetary Degrees/Positions
  • Your Lucky Gem Stone

A period of 120 years is taken as a mahadasha in astrology which is calculated on the basis of your kundli , period of each planet as : Sun 6 years, Moon 10 Years, Mars 7 Years, Rahu 18 Years, Jupiter 16 Years, Saturn 19 Years, Mercury 17 Years, Ketu 27 Years and Venus 20 Years. These planets rule over these years. This period of 120 years is called the Major Period or also known as Maha dasa life cycle.

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