A lot of people are apprehensive regarding the truth behind astrologyThere are some  people who argue that astrology is science but others dispute it completely and say that it’s just a myth. The debate over astrology is pretty intense and is prevailing for ages. There are some ancient beliefs and the real science behind those are coming to light only through unbiased and nonpartisan exploration of ancient teachings. Astrology is one such branch that has come into the common man's day to day life. There are a lot of people who make all the efforts to find out if astrology is just a myth or there is real science behind it. Even today, a lot of people depend on astrology in order to know about their future, business success, to know about their marriage, jobs and so on.

To begin with, the basic want for astrology arrives from the fact that as humans each one of us have a deep rooted desire of knowing our own future. There are a whole lot of people who have claimed that astrology is just a belief. Well, we would say that is true to a great extend for people who believe astrology to be false without any knowledge and end up believing certain myths. However, for those who have studied it, astrology is a knowledge that can be tested and verified.

We are highly deluded in our knowledge and use of Astrology. Here are some common misinterpretations we have on Astrology.

Astrology is all about predictions- Predictions are possible in Astrology, but Astrology is a lot more about diagnosing the obstacles of one’s life, analyzing the strengths in one’s chart and empowering one to focus on their positive energies and strengths. To be precise, astrology predicts potentialities.

Sun Signs describe your personality- No two people are alike on this planet and hence, no two horoscopes! Just 12 signs cannot describe the personality of the entire human race. Our Vedic Astrology posits that there are infinite kinds of people, taking into account that each individual has different placement of the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and so on. Also, each planet may be in a different house, depending on the time of birth for every individual. Even twins don’t share the same chart.  

Astrology works only if you believe in it- This is so very untrue! The planets or combinations in our chart continue to influence our life even if we reject the notion of astrology. True astrological predictions are based mainly on the movements of the planets through different houses (there are twelve of them, corresponding to the twelve signs). A more specific, distinguished prediction will almost certainly take into account the precise angles the planets made to one another at the time of one’s birth in conjunction with the angles of the planets at any given moment in the near/far future. So, yes astrology works even if you don’t believe in it.

We doubt Astrology when a prediction fails- Astrology is a very accurate and ancient science. It is also a highly complicated subject to understand. Real astrology has to do with angles and planets and synthesizing information from many different sources as we mentioned earlier. Hence, when a prediction fails, it does not mean that Astrology is wrong. It only means that the Astrologer is not well-equipped.

This list of debunking the myths of astrology can go on and on. So, remember to understand the true meaning and purpose of astrology. Astrology has been proved priceless and it has been helping the entire human race with a lot of good will. Make use of this vedic science in the right manner to find your path to a brighter future.

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