In Vedic Astrology, Yoga means a combination, an arrangement formed by placement of planets in a particular pattern. It is believed that yoga’s provide special strength to the horoscope. Astrology considers that a person’s behaviour is determined by the position of the planets and the nakshatras at his or her birth time. In this blog we will discuss Raaj Yoga in your horoscope.

Raj Yoga means a yoga or a fortune that makes the person like Raja (King).it gives kingly fortune in the native life.

The ninth and the tenth house tend to play an important role in one’s kundli. In a horoscope, the ninth house is the house of destiny and fortune whereas the tenth house relates to one’s career and social status. If the lords of the ninth and the tenth house occupy an auspicious house in a horoscope, it leads to the formation of Raj Yoga. Those who have Raj Yoga in their horoscope/kundli are blessed with a lot of wealth and fame and tend to acquire affluence like a king.

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