According to Vedic astrology, when ever the Dasha, Antar Dasha and Direction of the planets in our Horoscope are bad, in general we face numbers of problems,troubles and issue in our life.

In Vedic astrology , Astrologer believe that our future is blinded with planets, and we called it as Maha dasha and Antar Dasha.

Under favourable planets Dasha and Antar Dasha, we experience some one can get Job Promotion, Job changes, Number of favourable event happened during this time and vice versa if unfavour planets Dasha and Antar Dasha passing on.

But if you perform the remedies of bad planets in the horoscope, they can reduce their ominous effects to a great extent, Because, of the remedies the bad effects of planets can be calmed.

So today we talk about, what are the malefic planets in your horoscope  and how they affect your life when their Dasha and Direction is bad, and what measures you should take to reduce their bad as  - 

1 -  Sun: If Sun is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Sun like as -

  • Mouth will make lots of saliva (Thook).
  • The body remains stiff.
  • The relation with father is not good.
  • You get success or fame easily.
  • Face ambiguities in every important work.
  • Do not get favour from bosses/superiors.
  • Problem in the right eye.
  • Regular headaches .
  • Problems related to bones.
  • Heart Problems

Remedies for Sun:  Before starting any new work or before leaving home, drink a glass of water mixed with sugar. Avoid meat and stick to vegetarian meal. Feed black cow and monkey whenever possible. If you cook, then put off the stove flame using milk. Pet a dog at home and take blessing of your mother every day. Do not accept any gift for free of cost from anyone, except from parents.

Donate dark red or ruby colored clothes.


2 - Moon : If Moon is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Moon like as -

  • Weak eyesight.
  • Hearing problems.
  • Afraid of raking risk in life.
  • Your power to taste or smell gets weak.
  • You are not able to concentrate well on any subject.
  • Have problems in making decision.
  • Asthmatic problems.
  • Prone to cold.
  • Problems like T.B., cough.
  • Scared of small issues also

Remedies for Moon: Never argue with your Mother or do anything against her wish. Feed Birds and never cage them at home. Never do a diary business and buy sweets for Young Kinds (female). If you are having frequent nightmares, keep a glass filled with Milk on a Table besides your head before sleep and next morning pour that milk to the root of any huge tree (Preferably holy tree). Alternative method is to keep a Crystal below your pillow while sleeping and switch off the Television, Mobile Phone, and Computer Etc for atleast an hour before sleep. Offer White Colour flowers at graveyard. Feed milk to pets regularly. Always try to mediate for few minutes every Morning and before going to sleep. Never spend time alone. Never donate to any to any educational institution or never give free education to anyone, nor buy gift books for anyone. Do not own any religious place on your Name.


3 -  Mars: If Mars is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Mars like as -

  • Overall weakness.
  •  Blood problems.
  • Dull Eyes.
  • Have lots of fights.
  • Lose Tempered.
  • No favor from high officials primarily Defense.
  • Do not get favour from mass.
  • Regular thefts.
  • Problems like Pile are due to malefic mars.
  • Failure in sports.

Remedies for Mars: Donate sweets to Temple nearby. Grow a Neem tree in your backyard. Feed cows when possible. Always carry a Red colour handkerchief or napkin. Try to live in Joint or big Families. Stay away from physically handicapped people. Try to visit a holy place frequently. Try to buy an elephant’s tusk and store it in your Bedroom. Do not take anything for free of cost from anyone, including family members and siblings. Always buy gifts for female siblings on their anniversaries, Birthdays or Festivals. Donate blood occasionally but also take dry fruits regularly to produce new blood cells. Gayatri Mantra recitation will help a lot. Donate any useful tool to a farmer or donate to Police Funds or Military Funds. Gift any pottery item or something made of Copper to friends.


4 - Mercury: If Mercury is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Mercury like as -

  • Dental problems are regular.
  • Your power to smell gets weak.
  • Failure in business.
  • Low IQ.
  • Loss in Shares.
  • Problems due to Nervous system.
  • Leprosy.

Remedies for Mercury: Clean your teeth and tongue atleast twice a day. Wash new clothes before wearing them for first time. Donate milk and rice to any temple. Grow pet dogs at home. Become a strict vegetarian and quit alcohol. Try to feed crows every day before you eat. Drink water through silver glass every day. Feed wet green grams to birds.


5 - Jupiter: If Jupiter is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Jupiter like as -

  • Problems related to throat are regular
  • Loss of hair
  • Get influenced with rumors
  • Left studies without any important reason
  • Lost gold
  • Loss in education business
  • No favour from finance departments,
  • Problem in back, spinal cord, lever

Remedies for Jupiter: Always wear yellow color cap or turban. Keeps your nose clean always and especially starting any new work. Apply turmeric or sandalwood paste on forehead. Donate bananas or sweets to old persons and orphans. Try to wear more gold jewellery. Help your siblings and cousins whenever possible. Never bath or swim in open air, rivers or in oceans. Stay away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Take blessings of your parents before starting any new work and donate turmeric to any temple, 8 days in a row. If you have Jupiter troubling you in 11th house, use your father’s items like pens, vehicles. If you are constantly cheated by astrologers, spiritual or religious gurus, then stop consulting them and start meditating by yourself.


6 - Venus: If Venus is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Venus like as -

  • Like wearing stained cloths.
  • Have skin problem.
  • No favors from females in general.

Remedies for Venus: Always wear clothes that are washed. Never wear clothes worn from last night. Never accept free gifts. Always keep a silver piece (square shaped) in your wallet. Buy sweets for widows and old people. Feed black color cow when possible. Donate cow ghee to any temple and also use it at home. Take blessings of your mother regularly. Be loyal to your spouse or lover.


7 - Saturn: If Saturn is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Saturn like as -

  • Weak eyebrows
  •  Ever had a problem due to fire
  •  Fall of home/building 
  •  Accident with iron 
  •  Loss in construction work of building

Remedies for Saturn: Clean your teeth with Neem based or any ayurvedic toothpaste. Feed monkeys when possible and never kill snakes or any reptiles. Donate footwear to homeless people. Do not drink milk during nights. Try to avoid buffalo milk and stick to cow milk. Buy small silver balls and keep them in your pocket or handbag always. Become strict vegetarian and quit alcohol. Always avoid litigations, court cases and matters where you are forced to lie. Wear more dark green color clothes. Stay away from flirting with opposite sex and adultery. Help blind people. If you cook, put off stove flame with milk during nights only. Stuff a flute made of bamboo with sugar or jaggery and bury it in a secluded place during nights. If you are facing a long time court case or some litigation and if Saturn dasa is operating or Saturn is transiting in your moon sign, then fill a pot made of clay with honey, cover its lid, and bury it under flowing water. Do not cut down trees.


8 - Rahu: If Rahu is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Rahu like as -

  • Hand nails turn Black
  • Experience enemies everywhere
  • No support from family

Remedies for Rahu: Always wear a cap or turban (preferably dark blue color). Try to live in joint family with parents. Feed birds.Gift anything made of copper to lover. If Rahu is causing trouble in marital life, keep 5 radishes besides pillow of your spouse before sleeping and next morning throw them in any river or flowing water. Always drink water from silver glass. Store water in south-west corner inside your house. Add jaggery and wheat in any copper vessel and throw it in river to avoid any litigation caused by Rahu. Wear more dark blue color shirts. Add a cup of milk to a bucket of water and wash your head and body for 43 days without break to get relief from Rahu.


9 - Ketu: If Ketu is malefic, so there are many problem of Malefic Ketu like as -

  • Urinal problems
  • Kids going through medical trouble
  • Feet nails turn Black

Remedies for Ketu: Donate sweet food to orphans. If male kid is causing trouble, dip your right thumb in warm milk and suck it for few times in a day. Never wear red color clothes or red coral based ornaments. Throw yellow colored lemons in river. Always keep a silver pot filled with honey in your kitchen. Keep a silver ball in your pocket or handbag and carry it to work. Donate black and white checkered texture blanket to homeless people. If you are facing viral infections, weak kidney and knee pains, dip a heated golden string in hot milk for few minutes and then drink that milk when it is luke warm.

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