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  • Child janam kundli .
  • Know your child future .
  • You can understand your child better.
  • Lucky stone for child.
  • Detailed interpretation of kundli.
 360.0   (20% off)


Get your child horoscope P1 plus stone recommendation, mangalik, sade-sati,

In this model we offer your a in depth study of your child's horoscope. We specially prepare this model for the native below than 18 years. In this model we offer you your child birth chart details, kundli complete details , complete analysis and prediction report as per your child's lagna houses and planetary positions .

We focus on health,wealth, education, career , bhagya ratan < Lucky Gem stone > , benefice and malefic planets in the horoscope of your child.

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General Specification
  • Model
    • CHILD
  • Download Sample
  • Price
    • Rs.- 360.0
  • Type
  • Number of pages
  • Stone recommendation
    • Wearing your lucky gemstone as recommended in your horoscope will attract positive vibes and can make a sudden change in your life like good health, wealth, peace, prosperity.
  • Mangalik
    • The position of mars in the horoscopes is taken into consideration while checking for mangal dosh or kuja dosha. when mars is placed within the 1st, 4th, 7th, eighth or 12th residence of the horoscope Manglik Dosh formed.
  • Sade sati
    • Saturns life cycle as pre vedic astrology
  • Karka and Maraka
  • Interpretation of Horoscope
    • The depth analysis of each planets and houses in horoscope.