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  • Mandi : Gulika which also known as 'mandi' is the offspring of Saturn or son of Manda. It is a very important pseudo planets according to the belief in South India especially in Kerala.
    it is associated with Saturn. The lord of the sign is occupied by Mandi which becomes malefic. Astrological works describe the effects of Mandi in each house as well as in conjunction with other planets. 
    Mandi is associated with the death of a native as well as his birth also. Most often, it is found that lagna would fall on the sign which may be a trine (5th or 9th) of Mandi?s place or the lord of Mandi?s sign.
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    • Lagna
      • Lagna chart is the primary horoscope of an individual which is used to predict about native's nature, his capability, lifestyles, his struggles, pleasures and ache to be experienced in life are indicated through it.
    • Navamsha
      • It is generally used during predictions about marriage of the native, spouse, married life etc but is also useful to know characteristics of the native and also his/her spouse in much detail.
    • Bhava
      • It is a very important tool in predictive astrology.
    • Tara Chakra
      • Tara Chakra in Astrology is used to identify which nakshatras are favorable for a person and which are not.
    • Mandi
      • Mandi is associated with the death of a native as well as his birth also
    • Subha-Pap Vagra Table
      • Sapta Varga means the Sevenfold Point Classification. Its aim is to find whether planets are getting more benefic or malefic points, known as Shubh Adhikya and Papa Adhikya.
    • Planetary Baladi Avastha
      • Baladi Avastha is based on the position of a planet in terms of degrees in a zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign will have 30 degrees. There are five avasthas for every six degrees attained in a zodiac sign.
    • Vimsottari dasa
      • This system sets the basic rules regarding which planet will exercise its influence at what time. A period of 120 years is taken as a full cycle of the planets in the following order : Sun (6), Moon (10), Mars (7), Rahu (18), Jupiter (16), Saturn (19), Mercury (17), Ketu (7) and Venus (20). These planets rule over these years. This period of 120 years is called the Major Period.
    • Shodash Varga Charts
    • Shadbala
      • he planetary strengths and relationship is known as Shad-bal. It consists of 6 strengths namely, Sthan Bal, Dig Bal, Kaal Bal, Ayan Bal, Chesht Bal, Naisargika Bal and Drik Bal.
    • Bhavabala
      • The strength of each house is known as the Bhava-bal.
    • Ashtakavarga
      • The Ashtakavarga Table makes it easy to understand a horoscope. The 12 rashis are divided into 8 sub-divisions in this unique table.
    • Vimsopaka strenght
    • Prasthara Ashtakavarga
    • Upagraha and their degrees
    • Arudha
    • Avastha Kirana
    • Vimsottari dasa upto pratyantra for complete cycle
    • Ashtottari Dasa
    • Stone recommendation
      • Wearing your lucky gemstone as recommended in your horoscope will attract positive vibes and can make a sudden change in your life like good health, wealth, peace, prosperity.
    • Mangalik
      • The position of mars in the horoscopes is taken into consideration while checking for mangal dosh or kuja dosha. when mars is placed within the 1st, 4th, 7th, eighth or 12th residence of the horoscope Manglik Dosh formed.
    • Sade sati
      • Saturns life cycle as pre vedic astrology
    • Karka and Maraka