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  • online kundali matching.
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  • Gun Milan with score card.
  • manglik dosh of prospective bride and groom

online kundli matching

A happy marriage is a heaven on earth, says the poet, a paradise that even the gods yearn to enter. Even the best marriages, however, occasionally need to call on reserves of commitment, patience, grit, and humor. Every civilization and culture conduct and celebrate this holy getting together of a man and a woman in life in different fashion and style. But what our ancestors have taught us to do before a marriage is the "Horoscope matching " or in other words horoscope matching or Kundli Matching.

This was done by scrutinizing the natal/birth charts of the prospective couple, analyzing the various aspects which ensure a long and happy married life. It is very pertinent that in the current scenario of longevity in life for us the married life will also be invariably more than twice the bachelorhood of the boy and the girl alike. They are called life partners since they are destined to share everything in their lives after becoming HUSBAND and WIFE. So matchmaking is very very crucial. Apart from interpreting one person's personal traits according to his or her natal chart the compatibility between them is given much importance in our Vedic astrology.

For ages, the Vedic astrologers have guided people in selecting the right partner. Some call it marriage matching, some call it horoscope matching, guna Milap, Koota matching (astha Koota matching in North India .Two birth charts are matched to check the level of compatibility between the boy and the girl. The compatibility of the planets in the charts is one of the main keys to a lasting and happy marriage. Astrological matching is one of the reasons why the Indian marriages last longer as compared to the western marriages.

By doing a detailed matching of the boy and girl and also by studying and matching the lagna, rasi, Navamsa charts, Maglik dosh, we will advise you regarding the compatibility. The report will include: The Kundali matching total score, Maglik dosh (Kuja Dosham), the overall compatibility and our advise on whether the match is suitable or not plus the suggested remedies.

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  • Lagna
    • Lagna chart is the primary horoscope of an individual which is used to predict about native's nature, his capability, lifestyles, his struggles, pleasures and ache to be experienced in life are indicated through it.
  • Mangalik
    • The position of mars in the horoscopes is taken into consideration while checking for mangal dosh or kuja dosha. when mars is placed within the 1st, 4th, 7th, eighth or 12th residence of the horoscope Manglik Dosh formed.
  • Moon chart
    • Moon chart, lagna chart, sun chart etc are all having its own significance in yoga formation, transit result, sade sati, strength etc.
  • Gunadosh Matching
    • This method considers eight aspects known as Gunas, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha, Gan, Bhakut and Nadi for the aim of assignment Gunas and these eight aspects are assigned 1 to 8 Gunas respectively which makes a total of 36.