"Yantra", an ancient concept that originated in India, finds itself today clubbed together with other exotic subjects in the esoteric world of black magic. The seemingly abstract concept of Yantra, its function, and many misconceptions have added to its murky identity.  

The term "Yantra" is derived from Sankrit. "Yan", means to conceive, to imagine. The suffix "Tra", means instrument. Hence Yantra is an instrument or a geometrical representation of a divinity. It may be used for various purposes, which include, attaining objectives such as power, wealth, to overcome illness and similar other purposes. From the point of view of Astrology, such Yantras are used to pacify, or reduce the negative effect of planets.  

Yantras can be drawn, painted or engraved on various surfaces. Traditionally materials such as gold, silver, copper, crystal, birch, bone, hide and shalagrama are used. The selection of the materials depends on the divinity and purpose of the Yantra. Before a Yantra can be used, a rituals known as "Pranapratishta" has to be performed. This process of installing life in it has to be performed before it becomes effective. The whole process of preparing a Yantra follows a pre set guideline. From the material to be used, size, method of installation, to even the day when it is supposed to be made, all these aspects are governed by these rules.  

Yantras along with Mantras are an effective way of overcoming the negative effects of planets.